4-UP Chair


4-UP Chair offers comfort and style in one sleek design. With its ergonomic construction and adjustable features, it provides personalized support for any workspace. Built to last with a modern aesthetic, it’s the perfect addition to any office or home setting.

sit-to-stand groove back #787T
Standard black frame finish. #B
Sit-to-stand with advanced synchro, limited seat depth, forward tilt & telescoping gas lift #67CLSFT
Telescoping gas lift with black foot ring. #11TDR
Black roll back adjustable arms. #39A
Black nylon low-profile 5-star swivel base. #18BB
Black carpet casters. #16HP
Grey-black all floor casters. #16SCG
Not selected
Reverse-locking weight-activated safety feature for casters. #SL1
Black vertically adjustable lumbar support. #LS4B
Not selected.
Dark grey groove color. #02UG
Light grey groove color. #03UG
Standard black groove color. #01UG
95% ASSEMBLED: Product ships 95% assembled. No tools required. #9FA
BLANKET WRAPPED: Product ship blanket wrapped. Minimum order quantity 150. Call for pricing 1-800-433-6614. #BW
FULLY ASSEMBLED: Product ships fully assembled in the box. #FA